The safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our #1 priority.

As such, we are following government guidelines and taking additional measures to keep you safe. Stringent protocols have been implemented in our venue outlined below:


  • We respectfully ask all our guests a series of general health questions in relation to COVID19 before entry to the venue. 

  • All guests will have their temperature read using a contactless, hand-held laser thermometer. 

  • Guests will be offered hand sanitizer on entry and hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the venue for guest use.

  • Guest information will be collected to facilitate the process of contact tracing purposes if the need may arise. Contact info will be held for 30 days maximum.

  • All operations are now table service only. We will not be accepting service at the front of the bar for the foreseeable future. 

  • A new Host position will be utilized to manage reservations, fulfill health checks, and to escort guests to their assigned tables and communicate our 1181 safety guidelines.

  • Groups larger than 6 people may be accommodated by being sat at a separate table, but guests must not table-hop or mingle. Groups are limited to 6 guests and groups will be seated six feet apart or with a physical barrier between tables. Strictly no table hopping enforced at all times.

  • New optional reservation system to reduce wait times and lineups at the door.

  • Stringent hygiene protocol training has been implemented for all employees.

  • All employees will be wearing PPE and following strict hygiene protocol within the venue at all times.

  • Menus are available on our website through a QR code at every table. 

  • Operating at a reduced capacity and/or in accordance with provincial occupancy guidelines.

  • No table hopping, dancing and no mingling outside your group's bubble.

  • No liquor service after 10pm